Friends? @WorkPlace?

 It happened a couple of days ago in the smoke zone of my office. I was doing night shift and
took my dinner break & went there for a smoke after having my meal. I was alone smokin’
there, didn’t carry my cellphone, had nothin to do but listen to this gentleman (standing
next to me), quite elder than me, smoking with an another guy (his junior)). They were into
a deep sermon. I joined the vacant space lil’ away from them, in the midst of their
conversation. Initially i thought that it was a general conversation like most of the
employees does, but eventually i understood that the gentleman was trying to make his fella
be au fait with something, which was much more serious than i thought .I found the
conversation so intresting & genuine that i didn’t even bother about my break time which was
about to exceed, to my manager’s advantage for scoldin’ me.. Fu%K*^g MORON!
i believe this guy was new in the organization & he was having a hard time settlin’ in &
did have some problems with his supervisor & fellow team members who were tryin’ to push
him, so the gentleman, while talking to him said, “Never rely on anyone here, u’ll never
know who will take advntge of you or push you around, apprearing very helpful & kind to
you.. just concentrate on your stuff ‘coz ultimately you’ll be reponsible for your own deeds
here n anywhere in this world, and most importantly you can never make friends at your
workplace,(due to a lot of certain reasons, i was sure the other guy was kinda emotional)
someone could be a good colleague but can never be a friend at your workplace”
Instantly it reminded me of a quote from the movie ‘THE GODFATHER’ pt 3.. ‘Friendship &
Money – Oil & Water’, the lead character DON CORLEONE (potrayed by my favouriate & the best
of all AL PACNIO) tells this to Archbishop Gilday in a scene where Archbishop Gilday asks
Don Corleone for help when his friends use the good name of the Church & his, to feed their
greed and leave him alone to be blamed for seven-hundred million dollar deficit.
What made me stand their & listen to him without caring about my break time was whatever he
said & was trying to explain his junior colleague was relevant to my thoughts & experience.
I think it’s an absolute truth that One could never find a friend at his/her workplace, it’s
wat i’ve obsrvd all these years in different companies, i’ve wrkd with and lot of people do
not agree with this fact. One can hangout with his/her fellow employees for rounds of booze,
share memories & cribb about their Boyfriends or Girlfriends, ask for favours, tell them ur
problems and etc.. But most importantly as the wise gentleman said “You could never rely on
’em”, i know one may not agree wt me, infact a lot of ya.. but if u get into the skin of the
matter, the intensity of the fact, u’ll find your answer! It doesn’t mean one shouldn’t
trust or disrespect his/her fellow team members, or He/She is always been tried to be pushed
around by others..’NO’ coz it always affects ur jugdmnt & focus towards the prople around &
their work. One should treat their fellow employees with all respect, but should also see to
it that they desrve it. It applies to every individual, to me, you, your friend,
brother,father,& so on. We should fight our own battle & rely upon ourselves, our self
confidence & our ‘FAITH’- our true friend sent from The Almighty God.


“For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well – organized and armed militia is their best security”

                                                                                                                       -Thomas Jefferson

My Dream Project – A Night Worker.

A Night Worker

  Sam Pinto, age 24, lean, hard, very welcoming to his close friends and colleagues. Enjoys laughing & going to the movies with them. He loves cigarettes, music and humor, especially while boozing. He dresses up as per his frame of mind, sometimes very gently and sometimes off-the-cuff.

 A joker in his family, loves & respects them eternally. Shares a very special bonding (unusual amongst his friends & the people he knows) with his mother & elder brother (he often cites him as ‘DON CORLEONE’ – out of his obsession with the movie THE GOFATHER and its strongest character, portrayed by Al Pacino). He’s very much interested in Movies, and gets so infatuated while & after watching a particular film, that he keep impersonating his favorite character, for days or months, either peeving or appealing some.

  He enjoys a lot spending time with his friends, they respect & care for him to some extend and feel that he’s enough talented to get recognized, so they keep him encouraging.

  Since childhood Sam was smitten by girls elder than him. His romantic fascination was always driven by them. He finds them more considerate & striking. He was sympathetically rejected by two beautiful women, only reason being ‘THE AGE DIFFERENCE’, but he feels very delighted of the fact, that it was only the matter of ‘Age’, nevertheless they loved him.

  On the other hand Sam is a consummate loner at office (his workplace). He appears cold & often ungenerous; but he has a quiet steady look and a disarming smile which flashes from nowhere, lighting up his whole face. In the office, to his fellow employees & supervisors, he seems to have wandered in from a land where the inhabitants seldom speak. The head moves, the expression changes, but the eyes remain ever-fixed, unblinking, piercing empty space.

  He’s always haunted by the memories of, his earlier immoral acts on personal & professional grounds.

  Sam is now working in a 24/7 service call center, in a city miles away from his town, where he has to travel by train everyday (mostly nights). It’s the ninth company he’s working for (though with same profile of customer service & sales executive) in his career of five years till date.

  He’s not completely a social inept, but pretends, such as being one.

  Noticed or not, it doesn’t bother him, because he feels that the fellow people he works with are ‘A BUNCH OF JERKS’, the main cause of his social isolation.

  Sam is one with his own surroundings. As the earth moves toward the sun, Sam moves toward violence.

*This is a depiction of the character ‘Sam Pinto‘ from my script ‘A Night Worker’.  


Who Cares? is ignorance which is bliss!

Once I was talking to this beautiful woman at my workplace, who was heavily into spiritualism, animal welfare etc, and she made a comment that whales are the most intelligent beings in the world which has apparently something to do with their brain size. I told her that I don’t know the technicalities but for me knowledge is an accumulation of facts, intelligence is an ability to understand and analyze the knowledge, and genius is to be able to apply and create. 
For instance, if you are asked why droplets are formed outside a glass when ice cold water is poured into it, you will say that it is due to condensation of water vapour which is present in the atmosphere.
But to understand and analyze that you need to have the knowledge that atmosphere contains water vapour and it condenses at lower temperatures and then you need a genius to apply this principle and invent a refrigerator or an air-conditioner.
More simplistically if you say 2+3=5, you need to know the individual values of 2 and 3 and also 5 to come up with the answer.
So I told her that this was my understanding and asked her if she would explain how whales have the best brains. She snapped back and said that she read it in the “Time” magazine and asked me to shut up and not to think I am some kind of a know-all. She was beautiful and sexy enough for me to pay heed and I did just that. I shut up and she gave me a Ahhhhh great time thereby proving that more than knowledge, intelligence and genius it is ignorance which is bliss.


Whenever I heard the causes for rivalry and the internal politics in the context of the underworld I always found a very strong resemblance to things which happen in any normal Company including my own office.In a Company, the various people who work have their own individualities and relative intelligence levels and the only thing which will be common among them is an ambition and the greed to reach the top. So even though the Company as whole is working towards a goal, the people in the company will be conflicting with each other which creates politics, frustration, jealousy etc.This is a truth for any Company whether it is a normal or an underworld company with the difference that in a normal company if you do a mistake you will be fired and in an underworld company you will be fired upon.