The only girl whom I had and will, call forever…



It was raining that day. The Auto Rickshaw, I was in, almost reached the station. As I got out of it, and paid my fare to the driver, what struck me then, dissolved me for years….

The day was 26th September, 2007.  Around 12:00 p.m.

She was wearing a Pink colored dress and appeared like the Most Gorgeous girl on this earth. What a beauty? I thought to myself. At once I was swept over by a wave of her ecstatic splendor. Had a chance to spend some time with her that day, My Treasurable Moment for lifetime!

Following that day, I’ve never found any girl so fascinating. Falling for her was certain. It was then, it all started.. My Inner Battle with the three components of love, Intimacy – Passion – Commitment’ . They taught me all. And I’d be glad for this to her till my last breathe and even after that. 

It has been six years, so long, but every time I find it very exciting when we decide to meet. I start thinking of what clothes i should wear? How should I fix my hair? And stuff like that… as if we are meeting for the first time. I remember once I told her this thing, but I doubt she believed me.  I was always mesmerized by her Eyes that stared at me so intently in lonesome times. It was my easiest way to figure out her frame of mind.  As they say, ‘the eyes.. they never lie’.  Her Hair, it’s like a beautiful mountain of curls, just as, I dreamed to burn my nose in ‘em, since my childhood. She has such an enticing Voice, that it led me hear it over sleepless nights.  Above all, it was the Color of her Skin, which allured me the most.

I still love to recall the day we went to watch her favorite Shah Rukh Khan’s  ‘Om Shanti Om’  in Sapna Theatre in 07’, along with some of our common friends. I was sitting a seat away from her in the first half of the movie and pleaded to G O D and regimented a friend who was already sitting next to her, just to get a chance to sit her side. I could just tell by the way we both were relating that there was some connection whatsoever. And I felt it when I sat next to her, there was something between us. There was an impulse we both were following. So that gave me the right to come and sit next to her without taking her permission or thinking of her resisting. Otherwise I never would have felt that I had the right to do so. I never would have had the courage to talk to her. It’s one of the most valued moments of my life with her.


Whenever this song called “Ankhon mein teri.. Ajab si, Ajab si, adaayein hain!” was played, no matter where i was .. Arrival into a Whimsy World was inevitable. Such impact she had on me. I went crazy for her just like a fan becomes for his Star, just as in the Movie itself -‘Om Shanti Om’ . She was my ‘Shanti Priya’, She is still a STAR for me!

The most beautiful girl who made me Renounce the world around me. Whose absence isn’t strange to me, because I know she’s always close to me.  Whose name I call every single day, and I know, at times she thinks of me…

‘Someday everything might be forgotten, but my memories with you will be valued forever’

One of the most Wonderful & Humane Person I’ve met on this universe…

The only girl whom I had and will, call forever….

                                                                              My Gorgeous!


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