Im scared, but’ll fight!



This decisive hour, this moment.. Everything’s turnin’ worse.. Why am i scared? Of what? Afraid of whom? Can’t find an answer. Perhaps I dont need an answer. Shall i run away? or Face it? I’ll face it but will be a coward at heart in my memories which’ll haunt me to the end. I ask the Superior to give me strength to face it, to kill it. I know he’s listening to me, My words, My urge is piercing his membrane. I know he’ll give me what i am asking for, eventually will realise how he gave ’em all to me and how i took it. I dont want to be a coward. My blood should boil, but its chilled. I want to make this feeling, my weapon and sheild my honour. I wont bow my head, i wont fall on my knees, i’ll WIN. No matter what, i will try till my last breathe. Who the fuck are you, to make me think like this? Take my words, i’ll WIN. See.. im gaining strength. So i’ll fight back, i wont be afraid of the results. Because HE will execute of what is going to happen. I know m right, he’ll be with me. He’ll guide me, he’ll take care of me and the ones who has relied on me. Come let’s fight, i’ll wait but won’t plan. I’ll make you face me. I’ll make you fell ashamed. Keep it comin’ m waiting.I am ready to take it, ‘coz i know i CAN and i will. Come you wanted to play rough, RIGHT? and i am ready now. 

You fuck with me, you’ll fuck with the best, you can ever imagine!’


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